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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Yes, that's a Lisa

Apple shrine above the computing books. There was also a NeXt.

We had house guests on Friday. Jeremy is an old friend from Virginia who is now in Chicago; he’s a pastor in a United Congregation of Christ. His husband, Mike, wanted to come to PDX specifically to go to Powell’s technical bookstore (it now goes by Powells 2). Mike maintains a list of books he’s interested in acquiring.

“Great,” I respond, “because there’s some Arduino books I’d like to look at.” Eyebrows raise a little. Mike and I then explain Arduino to Jeremy.

“Do you know if you were born with some of the wrong chromosomes?” asks Mike after a little more geekspeak.

Also entertaining: Powell’s 2 shares a PA system with the mothership Powell’s next door. “Question on Christianity on line 2…” we hear repeated. “I offered my assistance,” shrugged Jeremy.


I have been a very good end user. And I’m tired of it.

I’m a librarian by trade and a creative tinkerer by nature. I knit with wire and beads. I crave color and texture and interesting constructions in knitwear. I’ll pick up music instruments, some passionately, some just to try. I cram reading time in like it’s coffee.

But in technology, I’ve been an avid end user. Tinkering means playing with new devices and apps, but not making them. Let’s change that.

So, first up: Committing to blogging this process. Which meant doing it robustly, finding a domain and a host company and installing the software rather than using a sign-up-and-play blogsite. Um, this took far longer to do than I anticipated. But I learned to evaluate FTP clients fairly well…. And to ask for help when getting stuck. Which I did. (Thank you, Laughing Squid, for not being Laughing-At-The-Newbie Squid when I had questions.)