indiscreet cd insert

I have the desire to learn ALL THE THINGS. Starting this blog was part of that: both as evidence and a learning process in itself.

The problem with learning ALL THE THINGS is that you can choose “all”, or “things.” You probably will learn a lot about a specific thing, or a smattering about a lot of things.

In my case, I’m a bit of a novelty addict. But also a perfectionist. This means lots of started projects that don’t get finished, because I’m not satisfied with them. Heck, I even admit to this is the subtitle of this blog.

So I’ve sat on an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for nearly a year, occasionally attempting something through a tutorial book that is really designed for the boxed software, and getting frustrated, and moving on to something else. I decided to give it one last gasp by trying a Skillshare course on InDesign. And I nearly bailed on that when I couldn’t get the project to look exactly as I wanted.

I’m coming up on a birthday that I consider significant. I have this feeling in my gut that the lesson to bring into this new year is “finish.” And it finally dawned on me that finish and perfect are not always compatible, and there is nothing wrong with “finish so you can move on and return if you wish.”

The link above is a cd insert for my almost-fake band. A couple of these songs exist, one is an idea we messed around with, and one is just a name. Another thing to finish.