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So that keytar, that I could only get to blink LEDs, after many attempts to get sound in a predictable way. When I pinned it on in Sacramento, a little defeated by the things I couldn’t resolve, I decided just to try. I tweeted a picture of it to Howard Jones. Much to my surprise, he favorited it and retweeted it a few hours later. And then he called it out from the stage.

He did sign it, in the post-concert nanosecond that was afforded for meet-and-greet. (And I, quite embarrassingly, effectively blew off Tom Bailey in the process.) I saw his stagemates after that, and they told me they could see the LEDs from the stage and were impressed that I had made it.

And today, a week after the show, Howard posted a capture of my Tweet, now a week old, and captioned it “awwwww.”

Whatever failure I felt about not getting it right in time – it’s gone. I’ll just move on and work on something else that will utilize that concept. Not under the thumb of the cynical few, or laden down by the doom crew. True as it ever was.

Your insouciance is too studied
But then I use words like, insouciance
You drop literary references 20 years out of date
But then I’ve never had to look them up to make a reply
So who’s showing off

And when I’ve broken up with someone I’ve never called them a big dummyhead
But when you said it, I just wanted to curl up and drop down dead
I’ve usually asked for more space
Or made accusations of patriarchy
Neither made a dent, and you were the one who came to crush me
So who’s showing off

At Seattle’s Scaly Beast. Here for old friend’s album release, because they’re not coming to PdX any time soon and it felt like a good interval for wandering around on my own.

This arrived about two weeks after clicking on some buttons on Amazon.


The receipt was included in the mailer, and this note was tucked into a small pink envelope.

No matter how easy it is to click a few buttons to get your content – even if it’s physical media – it is still a delight to receive that little bit of something done by hand – and even if the hand that made it needed to click some buttons to get some help along the way.

Let’s be honest: learning to play bass, working out what our band is, and figuring out how two people can make as much noise as six has been a bit more enthralling than learning to code.

And then you get to drool at the possibilities of using something like this:


And then you and the bandmate go to Control Voltage and find something made by Korg that does this at a fraction of the price and size. Provided you can figure out the software side.