Getting started. Never finished.

Sketching and coffee soda

Trying some things before yoga class.  


Open clay play

Studio a few blocks from our house has open clay sessions two evenings per week. I’m taking pictures because otherwise my hands would be covered in clay, too. Likely next time they will be. 


Hold me closer, tired dancer. 


I almost don’t recognize myself…


But I suppose that’s the point.

Some thoughts on music

Thoughts I jotted on my whiteboard after taking a walk and listening to the On Being interview with Yo-Yo Ma.  


Grand Doodling

And right as I started doing this, both kids were drawn to the pen and the ink.   

It’s okay to judge a CD by its title

Scott Barkan just touring with Marian Call, in a small Pacific NW ramble that included my library. He accompanied her on guitar and sang a few of his own songs after a break between sets.

Fairly obvious why a fledgling nerd would be drawn to this album, yes?



When you gather the first clutch of grapes from your own garden, you realize that in your hands rests something that painters, poets, and vintners have spent centuries competing to capture. And here it is, harvested at your home.


Something small from someone amazing

So that keytar, that I could only get to blink LEDs, after many attempts to get sound in a predictable way. When I pinned it on in Sacramento, a little defeated by the things I couldn’t resolve, I decided just to try. I tweeted a picture of it to Howard Jones. Much to my surprise, he favorited it and retweeted it a few hours later. And then he called it out from the stage.

He did sign it, in the post-concert nanosecond that was afforded for meet-and-greet. (And I, quite embarrassingly, effectively blew off Tom Bailey in the process.) I saw his stagemates after that, and they told me they could see the LEDs from the stage and were impressed that I had made it.

And today, a week after the show, Howard posted a capture of my Tweet, now a week old, and captioned it “awwwww.”

Whatever failure I felt about not getting it right in time – it’s gone. I’ll just move on and work on something else that will utilize that concept. Not under the thumb of the cynical few, or laden down by the doom crew. True as it ever was.

Sometimes you have to spend your lunch break making a keytar.

Today, apparently, was one of those times.


Next steps: sewing on LilyTwinkle, LEDs, and battery. Velcroing onto stiffened felt. Adding safety pins. And then watching Howard Jones play a real orange keytar.