Yes, that's a Lisa

Apple shrine above the computing books. There was also a NeXt.

We had house guests on Friday. Jeremy is an old friend from Virginia who is now in Chicago; he’s a pastor in a United Congregation of Christ. His husband, Mike, wanted to come to PDX specifically to go to Powell’s technical bookstore (it now goes by Powells 2). Mike maintains a list of books he’s interested in acquiring.

“Great,” I respond, “because there’s some Arduino books I’d like to look at.” Eyebrows raise a little. Mike and I then explain Arduino to Jeremy.

“Do you know if you were born with some of the wrong chromosomes?” asks Mike after a little more geekspeak.

Also entertaining: Powell’s 2 shares a PA system with the mothership Powell’s next door. “Question on Christianity on line 2…” we hear repeated. “I offered my assistance,” shrugged Jeremy.